Aerospace Industry

SYSPRO is recognised as a top-rated ERP system for the Aerospace industry due to its capability of assisting in minimising production times and enforcing adherence to the most rigorous quality standards.

SYSPRO is rated the best ERP system for the Aerospace industry based on its ability to reduce production times and ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.


The aerospace industry must efficiently handle new design alterations and track those changes throughout a product’s lifecycle. SYSPRO’s support for Engineering Change Control and Lot Traceability makes it the perfect solution for this industry. Additionally, CAD and CAM software integration further reinforce SYSPRO’s support for the aerospace industry.


As the aerospace industry experiences frequent advancements in electronics, production times have significantly decreased, often by more than half. This reduction has resulted in more investment in research and development, introducing new and more efficient materials that enhance performance.


To remain competitive, aerospace companies must address specific characteristics and unique challenges. SYSPRO’s flexible ERP solutions assist in keeping companies at the forefront of this demanding industry. It enables compliance with parts replacement, ensures product quality, and provides capacity management.

And that is why SYSPRO is the top-rated ERP system for the Aerospace industry.

SYSPRO is rated the best ERP system for the Aerospace industry based on its ability to help reduce production times and ensure the highest quality standards are adhered to.

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The Engineering Change Control system enables ready access to prior product versions and quickly reverts to these versions for production purposes.
Expiry dates on sold lot traceable parts can be easily extracted to create replacement reminders to customers. Additionally, expiry dates facilitate the creation of forecasts for production planning purposes, reducing the need to hold excess inventory to maintain customer service levels.

SYSPRO’s Quality Management System (QMS) enables product quality control by configuring multiple measurement metrics and inspection points per inventory item, such as length, chemical composition, and hardness. This configuration, which includes the allowable tolerances for each metric and inspection frequency, is configurable as required; e.g. full, partial, periodic and random quantity sampling is supported.

SYSPRO’s Bill of Materials module provides the tools to maintain the demonstrated capacity for work centres and productive units. Simultaneously, SYSPRO Factory Scheduling enables the configuration of shift patterns and identifies and considers multiple constraints such as tooling. The Bill of Materials module allows the design of product routings from which Work in Progress and Requirements Planning derive the capacity required, dynamically adjusted for order or batch size.


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