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SYSPRO has been rated the best ERP system for the Chemicals and Fertilisers Industry based on its ability to optimise manufacturing efficiency and flexibility and improve customer relations and service.

SYSPRO has been rated the best ERP system for the Chemicals and Fertilisers industry based on its ability to optimise manufacturing efficiency and flexibility and improve customer relations and service.


Commodities pricing is volatile, and there is economic uncertainty, globalisation and industry consolidation. There are low margins and high fixed costs with changing regulatory requirements. In the chemicals industry, it’s clear you face steep challenges. Without the right data insights and software solutions, you could be missing opportunities – or perhaps worse, face regulatory penalties.


Whether you supply commodity, intermediate or tertiary products, SYSPRO has the flexibility to help you meet the chemical industry’s challenges and capitalise on your opportunities. Low margins and high fixed costs in the industry mean that tight control and visibility to all aspects of your operations are essential to maximising your profits in a competitive environment.


Optimising manufacturing efficiency and flexibility, and improving customer relations and service, are crucial to your continued success, as is the management and control of hazardous materials and quality control. SYSPRO enterprise software provides the tools to help you achieve this.

And that is why SYSPRO has been rated the best ERP system for the Chemicals and Fertilisers industry.

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The variable end-products result from unpredictable chemical processes. Using SYSPRO’s co-products and manufacturing inspection functionality, you can easily cost and capture the receipt of multiple products of varying grades from jobs originally planned for single-grade items.
You can choose to apportion costs between components and co-products according to a percentage breakdown of the total material, operation and sub-contract cost, or you can define percentages against specific operations and materials.
SYSPRO’s Work in Progress inspection system gives you the tools to record the inspection details of manufactured items and, depending on the results, select receipt, scrap or rework quantities. Units in inspection are visible but unavailable for use until accepted into stock. Within the inspection function, you can capture detailed records of counts, inspection, scrap, rework and stock receipts.
You can receipt inspection items as the original product to manufacture or as a different product or products, which is useful for end-products of a variable grade. Also, you can receive items into a warehouse different from what was initially planned.

SYSPRO enables you to improve your capability to demonstrate compliance in your core processes and implement various control measures for stringent record-keeping to suit the level of vigilance required. SYSPRO’s flexible features and integrated nature ensure rapid access to centralised compliance information across your business.
SYSPRO’s multi-warehouse capability enables the separation, identification and tracking of compliant, non-compliant and quarantined materials. The customisation features allow for the configuration of screen highlighting of compliance deviations and the automated notification of relevant personnel. Custom forms facilitate the definition of user-defined characteristics such as the concentration of hazardous substances-against vital data, such as products, materials, lots and serials. At the same time, the multimedia capability enables the linking of technical documentation, graphics and videos.
SYSPRO’s Quality Management, Lot Traceability, Serial Tracking and Return Merchandise systems facilitate process control, quality tracking and traceability of raw materials and products, and the rapid extraction of information for efficient product recalls. Product versions are strictly controlled through Engineering Change Control’s workflow-based system, while the informed selection of material and component suppliers is facilitated through performance scorecards and inspection data analysis.
Electronic signatures in SYSPRO provide rigorous transaction-level security, tracking and audit ability, and the facility to trigger notifications and other actions, such as transferring data to 3rd-party applications and databases. On-demand compliance reporting is facilitated across the system by electronic signatures and SYSPRO Reporting Services, while SYSPRO Workflow services enable the consistent and rapid deployment of compliance processes.

routes per finished product. Control over recipe changes is seamlessly handled by the Engineering Change Control module, while a where-used query and substitution facility enables quick and easy replacement of ingredients. The relationship validation function allows you to identify illogical relationships within your bills quickly. The structure validation function facilitates the speedy deletion of redundant or superseded components from the bill of material structures.
The work centre and structures and routings facilities provide you with the means to define and maintain the elements required in a sequence of internal or subcontract manufacturing operations, as well as the structural relationships between parent and component parts.
You can define ingredient quantities such as quantity per, fixed quantities, or wet weight percentages concerning that specific level’s parent item for each bill level. Component and operation copy, insertion, and move facilities enable straightforward maintenance of new and existing bills. SYSPRO’s multimedia functionality allows you to attach visual and textual material, such as videos, photographs, and certificates of conformance, to structures and operations to aid production and quality assurance staff. Also, custom forms enable you to create additional user-defined fields.
Phantom bills are catered for to accommodate transient production items, and planning bill functionality aids option forecasting and planning. The configuration and manufacture of multiple items produced in a single process are catered for by SYSPRO’s co- and by-product features.
SYSPRO provides various operation runtime methods, as well as material and progressive scrap functionality. The capture of different lead-time elements enables accurate manufacturing and cumulative lead times, which in turn aid efficient materials planning and production scheduling and product costing. Information on tooling, operator skill levels, operation instructions and testing requirements can also be added to the operation and printed on SYSPRO’s user-defined factory documentation.
The Work in Progress module enables seamless ingredient substitution where actual ingredients differ from planned. Furthermore, where intermediate or finished products differ from designed, the Work in Progress inspection functionality allows receipting of these products as alternate stock codes or into alternate warehouses or bins.

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