Pharmaceutical Industry

SYSPRO is rated the best ERP system for the Pharmaceutical Industry based on its ability to comply with local and international environmental and safety regulations.

SYSPRO is rated the best business system for the Pharmaceutical Industry based on its ability to comply with local and international environmental and safety regulations.

For the Pharmaceutical Industry, it is critical to get products speedily to market that are manufactured under consistent processes, to the correct formula and specifications, in the right environment, with the appropriate controls applied and delivered to the correct customers. Accreditation with the British Medicines Control Agency (MCA) and American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

SYSPRO caters for the stringent quality, traceability and other regulatory compliance in the industry, offering tight control and visibility to all aspects of your operations while encouraging the optimisation of profits in the dynamic global marketplace. Delivery of innovative products of consistent quality and effective integration of new technologies is essential for your continued success. SYSPRO enterprise software provides the tools to help you achieve your goals.

Pharmaceutical companies have specific characteristics and face unique challenges that must be addressed to remain competitive. SYSPRO’s flexible ERP solutions will help you stay at the forefront of a demanding industry and enable you to comply with local and international environmental and safety regulations, and demonstrate stringent, accurate record keeping.

And that is why SYSPRO is rated the best business system for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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The Engineering Change Control system enables ready access to prior product versions and the capability to revert to these versions for production purposes quickly. Expiry dates on sold lot traceable parts can be easily extracted to create replacement reminders to customers. Additionally, expiry dates facilitate the creation of forecasts for production planning purposes, reducing the need to hold excess inventory to maintain customer service levels.

• Ensure product quality
• Manage capacity
• Support complex equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul
• Track material and operation flow through manufacturing
• Track product sales cycle and development costs

Regardless of the regulatory and legal frameworks within which you operate, stringent records management for all business activities is a core requirement within the industry. SYSPRO’s robust integrated nature provides a central repository for the secure retention, tracking and retrieval of your financial and operational records.

Various third-party analysis and modelling tools can be employed to promote the online modelling, development, definition and publication of the blueprints of your business processes, structures and KPIs, providing a Single Source of Truth (SSOT), ensuring a common understanding among the stakeholders of the organisational goals, roles, activities and dependencies. Furthermore, a built-in workflow engine – SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS) – enables you to embed standard operating procedures within SYSPRO and create efficient interactions between SYSPRO and external touchpoints.

Powerful queries and reports provide structured retrieval of master and transactional details related to products and raw materials. Adherence to regulations regarding finished product and raw material traceability is facilitated through SYSPRO’s Lot Traceability and Serial Tracking features, including the ability to trace from source to finished product batches and vice versa.

Visibility to the source of ledger data and KPIs are provided via reporting, as well as drill-downs from online financial reports, general ledger queries and digital dashboards.

History options enable online data retention, while electronic archiving enables the secure online storage and retrieval of past jobs, sales orders, recipe revisions and lot information. The archiving functionality extends to SYSPRO Reporting Services, facilitating quick and secure access to electronic copies of user-defined and system reports as they were run.

Full audit trails are provided for all transactions and master data amendments, while electronic signature capability provides tracking of who is doing what in the system.

SYSPRO’s Bill of Materials module provides the tools to maintain the demonstrated capacity for work centres and productive units. Simultaneously, SYSPRO Factory Scheduling enables the configuration of shift patterns and identifies and considers multiple constraints such as tooling. The Bill of Materials module allows the design of product routings from which Work in Progress and Requirements Planning derive the capacity required, dynamically adjusted for order or batch size.


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