Unleash your Data with Anvizent Analytics and SYSPRO ERP

Unleash your Data with Anvizent Analytics and SYSPRO ERP Integration

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Unleash your data with Anvizent Analytics and SYSPRO ERP

I have recently had a good look at the Anvizent Analytics solution that is fully integrated with SYSPRO ERP. Anvizent analytics unleashes your data providing Automated Data Analytics for SYSPRO ERP and a self-service BI dashboard. Here is my analysis of why it can be a beneficial addition to make SYSPRO more valuable.

One of the strengths of SYSPRO is the collection of data, whether through standard systems or via custom data and connections to external systems. But, having spent so much time setting up data and processes in SYSPRO ERP to run a business, many businesses have difficulty getting timely answers from that data. Are you battling the high cost, complexity, and risk associated with manually designing and running reports? Or worse, are you relying on unsecured and error-prone spreadsheets to give you a view of your data?

There is a better way!

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The simplest, most cost-effective and fastest way to enable data access, analytics, and self-service BI dashboards for your SYSPRO ERP and other enterprise data.

Anvizent has automated and simplified the entire data management and analytics process so you can rapidly explore data, uncover insights, and make intelligent, data-driven decisions. SYSPRO ERP data is already mapped, and adding custom form data is very easy to do. No SQL data mapping or SQL Views need to be created.

Today’s business environment is highly competitive and continuously changing. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, your SYSPRO ERP data is more valuable than ever. With hidden trends and patterns concealed in the mountains of data created daily, there is an opportunity to uncover valuable insights that can significantly improve operational performance. Data has the potential to provide a whole world of possibilities, from discovering new potential sales opportunities, highlighting inefficiencies in the supply chain, forecasting production shortfalls and uncovering revenue losses. However, the key to unlocking all this value lies in enabling decision-makers to easily access the actionable insights in the data.

SYSPRO ERP stores data in complex databases that consists of thousands of columns of data stored in hundreds of tables. Whilst SYSPRO understands the relationships between all this data, it can be very unclear from a report writing and data analysis perspective. And then there is data in other formats, historical and real-time data from the likes of Manufacturing Operations Management, Laboratory Information Management Systems, Payroll and HR systems and so on that need to have an integrated Data Platform to get a complete view, easily!
Transforming raw data into actionable insights without this Data Platform is a long and tedious task. Typically, it takes programmers days and even weeks of coding effort to extract, combine, prepare, and present data the end-user wants. A stark contrast to what today’s business user wants, real-time insights to make data-driven decisions in the moment.

Automation – The Best Way Forward

The pressing priority is to empower decision-makers with quick and easy access to the data and analytics they need without needing constant specialised help.
By automating all recurring tasks across the data cycle: data extraction, data preparation, data warehousing and dashboard building, this can be accomplished most effectively:

  • Simplify access to data residing in SYSPRO ERP by reducing or eliminating the need for customised coding or data extraction
  • Support accurate analysis by automating the process of data preparation
  • Enable easy integration of ERP and non-ERP data to provide a single unified view of the business
  • Provide self-service data visualisation capabilities, allowing the end-users to quickly access and
    explore analytics-ready data
  • Enable KPIs and analytics with drill-down capabilities for users to track and act on performance
    on a real-time basis
  • Proactive alerts & emails

And that is how we can finally get analytics to deliver on its promise: real-time knowledge and actionable insights for managing and problem-solving.

Automation also brings in many other benefits that are well documented, from lowering costs and minimising errors to improving resource efficiency and productivity. In short, it’s a win-win for everyone: Finance, Sales and Marketing, Procurement, Production and IT.

Anvizent Analytics fully integrated with SYSPRO ERP

Automated Data Analytics for SYSPRO ERP

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Automated Data Analytics for SYSPRO ERP

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Anvizent Analytics logo is a complete end-to-end solution for all your complex data management and analytics needs. As an automated data warehouse platform, Anvizent integrates all your data, generates an automated data warehouse on Day One, and enables consistent, accurate multi-company and multi-departmental reporting.
And it is 100% User Interface Driven, which means that there’s Zero Coding required.

Sound Interesting?

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