Business transformation and ERP system implementations



Specialising in business transformation
and ERP system implementations
for SME and large-sized
organisations across various industries
to improve business processes
in the Oceania region

Carrolls Business Solutions are an independent, niche consulting firm specialising in business transformation and ERP system implementations for SME and large-sized organisations in the Oceania region. CBS offers a phased strategic alignment approach enabling each client to achieve its unique business transformation objectives and sustainable growth through people, streamlining processes and scalable technology. 

We have been installing business management software and supporting business transformation and ERP system implementations  in businesses throughout the Asia Pacific region since 1987. We have worked with small organisations having only a few users to subsidiaries of large global organisations with many more users.

Our current ERP system preference is the SYSPRO ERP suite of software which we have worked with, though its various name changes and upgrades, since 1987. We are also a Microsoft Partner who can sell and implement a wide range of solutions across their software suite.

What we do is solve problems.

Businesses will come to us with a problem that we will solve by using our years of experience, and products like SYSPRO ERPriteSCAN, Rapidtrade, ZAP and Prophix that we feel will assist in solving the problem. Sometimes it involves new technology such as cloud ERP, and sometimes all it takes is defining and refining the processes, hence the name: Carrolls Business Solutions. 


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